Loosing a loved one is the hardest thing we ever experience. It feels like a mountain we cannot possibly climb. Murphy is a true story of that mountain - about loosing someone - and healing. It's about a dog who had to find a new family and about a family who had to find a dog. Murphy is for children, as all dogs are...his story is about the power of love, during the worst of times. Written by Conn Iggulden and illustrated by Lizzy Duncan.


This downloadable griefsheet can be used in conjunction with Murphy, to spark a conversation, to remember the good and bad times and to have a space to talk about how you are feeling. 

Murphy grief sheet - memories

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  • What are your favourite memories of your pet? Can you draw some memories in the picture frames? This grief sheet is for anyone to work on - either by themselves or together with loved ones to remember someone we have lost. 

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